chapter: next

Life is rollin’ on. Really quickly as of late, but occasionally there are moments when I get to stop, step back, and think, ‘Woah. My life is awesome.’
A lot has happened in the last month – new job, new house, new insights, new stories, new projects.
I’m now an Au Pair with a really great family in Schöneberg. I care for two sweet kids, H, 6, and J, almost 2. I’m settled in a home for at least a year, which is a feeling I haven’t had since leaving for London in 2013. I don’t think it’s completely sunk in yet, but it’s a nice thought to reflect on. I’m becoming a regular at a local café, I recognise people in the neighbourhood (and their dogs), I know where the U1, U7, and U8 all connect, I can eavesdrop on conversations in Deutsch, I’ve used Deutsch health insurance, and I have a basic weekly schedule. Holy hell. I haven’t been this stable in a long time. Though I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing in a year from now (yet), it’s a nice, safe feeling. As if now the basics are covered, I’m able to look at a bigger picture and make some plans.
Now… next chapter.

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Bike rides, breakfast, bestie, blue skies, and Berlin make this B happy.

Fahrräder, Frühstuck, Freund… feelin’ gut.